Clone-a-willy Silicone Dildo Molding Kit With Vibrator - Vanilla

Clone-a-willy Silicone Dildo Molding Kit With Vibrator - Vanilla

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Make an EXACT Vibrating rubber copy of any Penis right from your own home! 1 AA Battery (not included).

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Great kit... Incredible detail

This kit was easy to use after watching the YouTube video that was made by the company. The finished product was great - the detail that is transferred from the model to dildo is amazing. My only issue is that the kit contains enough silicone base for an average size man to mold - I wish I had bought an extra kit of the silicone mix. My partner is above average in size & the amount included in the kit wasn't enough to fill the mold fully. I will likely try it again with an extra silicone set to get the full size.

Anonymous - January 20 2019

Clone a Willy Kit...

Is a great item. It works, and clones what you put in the form...wink, wink. And the vibrator is nice...a bit short, but nice. Overall, I do like this a lot.

Anonymous - December 14 2017

Didn't work well for me sadly.

The mould hardened too quick, so I have to order replacement moulding powder. But the vibrator is really nice.

Anonymous - November 5 2016


Made a exact replica

Anonymous - February 26 2016


I really enjoyed doing this with my boyfriend only thing I didn't like was not enough of the mold for really long ones it made my shorter then what it is but really like doing it it came out great other then being shorter then the real one

Anonymous - October 15 2015

great product

Was fun making it and it is a exact replica

Anonymous - July 24 2015

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